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Release Pledged Gold

In India, it is common to practice where people pledge gold to banks, pawnbrokers, and other non-banking financiers to arrange the funds for medical issues, fund shortage in construction, Investment for setting up a new business to cover education expenses of children, etc.

why pay hefty interest on the minimum amount received on your Precious gold jewelry. Due to heavy interest rates, most of the customers fail to release pledged gold and it may result in losing precious gold ornaments without claiming their full value. Being the best gold buyers in Bangalore Aadithya Gold Buyers can help you to release Pledged gold and pay you the balance amount so that customers can claim their true value of gold on market price and get rid of the burden of paying interest to your assets.
We ensure you get the best market value of your gold. We keep in mind the effort, time and emotion you have invested in buying your gold, but time is such that you must sell it.

Procedure to follow to Release Pledged Gold

  • If you choose to visit the branch office, then you need to bring a copy of your ID and address proof. The gold will be valued by an independent expert. If you are happy with their valuation, then Aadithya Gold Buyers will initiate the process for releasing the gold after completing your KYC requirements.

  • Based on the pledged slip obtained we will value your gold and offer the best gold price.

  • If the customer is satisfied with our terms and conditions then Aadithya Gold Buyers initiate the process to release the gold after completing the KYC.

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