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Cash For Silver

Silver is one of the precious metals, Archaeological evidence indicates that people have been using Silver for over 5000 years, Silver is one of the famous Metals of Antiquity, mainly used for manufacturing jewelry, silverware, and coinage.


Even today, Silver is very much used for necklaces, cuff links, bracelets, body jewelry, and belt buckles, sterling silver contains about 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. So now also people are investing in silver because during hard times silver can also be converted into cash for its current market rate, whether its coins, silver bars, or any other silver ornaments. 

Aadithya Gold Buyers will buy your silver and pays you the true market value for your silver, Aadithya Gold Buyers is one of the best silver buyers in silver who provides the maximum amount of cash for silver than any other silver buying company, we provide a transparent method of evaluation to give the maximum price for silver. Our well-trained professional experts will value silver and offers the best price. 

Procedure to sell silver

  • Bring your silver bars/coins or used/unused silver items to our branch office.

  • Our experts will check the purity of the silver to offer you the Maximum price for your silver.

  • After the evaluation of the silver, we move forward with the KYC procedure.

  • If You are satisfied with the quote provided for your silver then you can sell silver to us.

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